Discover Discover The 10 World's Largest Dinosaurs Ever

Here We Provide Information About Discover Top 10 World's Largest Dinosaurs Ever

Written By Priya Sarkar 1st September 2022


Barosaurus was a giant and long-tailed dinosaur. This dinosaur was one of the largest animal.

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Puertasaurus is a Scientific name.This dinosaur was lived in South America.

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Sauroposeidon were found in South-Eastern Oklahoma. This dinosaur was a herbivore animal.

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Diplodocus is a Scientific name. This dinosaur has long neck and a tail also.

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Ruyangosaurus was lived in the Cretaceous period. It was a herbivore animal also.

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Patagotitan was found in Argentina. This dinosaur was a herbivore animal. This animal has Shin bone.

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Argentinosaurus is a giant sauropod dinosaur. It is a very massive dinosaur.

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Supersaurus was lived in lived in North America. This is the longest dinosaur in the world for ever.

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Saltasaurus is one of the longest  dinosaurs in the world. The dinosaurs are found in North America.

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 Elaltitan lilloi

Elaltitan lilloi was known from the Late Cretaceous Period. This dinosaur contains contains a single species.

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