Top 10 Ugliest K-pop Idols of all time

Here We Provide Information About Top 10  Ugliest K-pop Idols of all time

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BOBBY of IKON was born in December Month in Seoul. He is a South Korean Rapper and also a Song Writer.

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Rap Monster of BTS

Rap Monster (RM) of BTS full name is Kim Nam-joon. His voice is very Beautiful. He is a Record Producer.

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Seo Eunkwang of BTOB

Seo Eunkwang of BTOB  is commonly known as Eunkwang. He is a entertainer and a musical actor.


Jihyo of Twice

Jihyo of Twice is very talented Female and one of the famous Kpop artist. She is a member of South Korean girl group Twice.

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Jung Eunji

Jung Eunji was born in South Korea. She is a South Korean singer and also a voice actress.

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Umji of Gfriend

Umji of Gfriend is a famous South Korean Singer. Her full name is Kim Ye-won. She is member of Viviz.

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Hwasa of Mamamoo

Hwasa of Mamamoo also known as Ahn Hye-jin. She was born in Jeonju-si, and also a South Korean singer.

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Yoseob (BEAST)

Yoseob (BEAST) is commonly known as Yang Yo-seob. He is a South Korean Singer and also main vocalist of Highlight group.

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Niel (Teen Top)

Niel (Teen Top) is a South Korean singer and song writer. He is the  member of the South Korean boy group Teen Top.

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Onew (SHINee)

Onew (SHINee) is a South Korean singer. He also known as Lee Jin-ki. He complete his Education at Chungwoon University.

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