8 Treatment fir hair thining among women in mid 30's and above

Written by Anindita Das 14th August 2022

Regular Hair Washing

Washing your hair is essential to preserve them healthy. Maintaining hygiene round your self and maintaining your hair clean.

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Gentle styling

Trying out new hairstyles for giving your self a brand new appearance can reason a number of harm on your hair.

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Lifestyle changes

The excellent to carry any alternate is to be the alternate. Change your manner of residing and quite a few your issues will begin vanishing.

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Hair massage

Massaging your head is tested to paintings the nice for enhancing blood circulation, for this reason it`s the healthiest manner to stop.

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Drying hair

Rubbing your hair together along with your towel appears to be the fastest manner to dry it however this will depart your hair.

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Fermented Rice Water

Fermented Rice Water is taken into consideration to be the satisfactory treatment for all sorts of hair and their numerous.

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Use Serum

Along with the proper shampoo and conditioner, accurate utilization of serum can raise your hair texture reduce hair fall.

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