Top 10 Trainable Pet Birds


They are some of the largest pet birds. They are also some of the smartest. They are very social and can be trained to talk.

African Grey Parrots

African greys can fluently learn to talk and mimic noises and with a little more violent training.

Amazon Parrots

The heavyset catcalls Amazon parrots, all of them are veritably trainable catcalls. they're veritably social and smart.


 Cockatoos are quite the characters but they're also extremely trainable. These less common species are rose or black colored.


Budgerigars are small but potent catcalls. They can be small but high capacities to be trained to talk or do tricks.


Frequently touted as the smartest raspberry in the world, mynah raspberry is conceivably the most trainable pet  raspberry there is .


Cockatiel is actually a veritably smart small raspberry. They can easily learn to mimic and talk as well as do simple tricks.


Conures are  known to be veritably social, active and quick learners. Youngest conures are frequently easier to train.

Indian Ringnecks

Indian Ringneck parrots have advanced pitched voices and start talking when they are closer to about one year of age.


Eclectus are also largely trainable catcalls. These types of parrots are great at talking and learning actions.

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