10 Of The Fascinating Pets In The World



Even though a pet chipmunk can't play fetch like Fido, he can nonetheless wow you with easy tricks or slyly perch on you.

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Potbelly Pig

Forget the stereotype that pigs are filthy and stupid. Potbelly pigs (PBPs) are friendly, curious, and playful creatures.

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Chinchillas are nocturnal animals, yet they make excellent pets because they require little care.

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Cockatiels are among the most popular pet birds because they are appealing, gregarious, entertaining, active, and able to mimic speech.

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The most common lizard kept as a pet is the iguana. Iguanas are wonderful companions when taken care of properly.

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Insects and Spiders

Although keeping insects or spiders as pets may seem strange, these unusual animals make for intriguing viewing.

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Sugar Glider Squirrel

They are common exotic pets in North America and, when handled from a young age, can develop a strong attachment with their owner.

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Amazingly little hedgehogs make intriguing pets. Their nutrition consists primarily of insects, and they require little maintenance.

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They have a sly streak in addition to being inherently quiet, amiable, and intelligent.

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When you bottle-feed your infant joey, a strong attachment will develop between the owner and the animal.

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