Top 10 Sounds That Rabbits Make and What They Mean


A clucking sound coming from a rabbit means that they're satisfied with what they're nibbling on.


Purring for a rabbit is a lot like purring for a cat in that they both mean" happy and content." It's a veritably soft sound.


While all rabbits do it on occasion, utmost rabbit keepers associate it with an unaltered buck inviting his lady love.


Rabbits clearly can growl and it frequently precedes a jab and conceivably a bite. If the rabbit feels hovered .


It's kind of unhappy sound of the rabbit. Snorting can come ahead or on with growling, when they aren't unhappy.


It also a unhappy sound, this sounds exactly the way you suppose it does. A hiss is used to shield off other rabbits.

Whining or whimpering

Rabbits will whine or wail if they don't want to be handled. The whimper is a protest to their environment .

Foot stomping or thumping

Rabbits loudly stamp their aft bases, it generally means they're nervous and hysterical and hears a strange sound.

Teeth grinding

The sound of a rabbit grinding its teeth, It is hard to confuse it with purring even though it is made the same way.


The sound of a rabbit screaming will shoot chills down your chine. It's never a false alarm when a rabbit riots.

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