Discover The 10 Snakes of the Euphrates River

Here We Provide Information About Meet 12 Snakes of the Euphrates River

Written By Priya Sarkar 1st September 2022

Levantine Viper

Levantine Viper is basically found in North Africa. This snake also known as 'Gunas'.

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Desert Horned Viper

Desert Horned Viper is also known as Saharan horned viper. This snake is basically found in the deserts of northern Africa.

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Persian Sand Viper

Persian Sand Viper is found in the deserts of North Africa. Their bits are dry or wet.

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Radde's Rock Viper

Radde's Rock Viper is found in Iran, Turkey, Iraq.  This snake is also known as M. raddei.

Image - Wikipedia

Desert Black Snake

Desert Black Snake also known as Walterinnesia aegyptia. It has highly shiny scales.

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Arabian Gulf Sea Snake

Arabian Gulf Sea Snake commonly known as Hydrophis lapemoides. This snakes are also found in sea side.

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Beaked Sea Snake

Beaked Sea Snake is a common sea snake. Beaked Sea Snake also known as Enhydrina schistosa.

Image - AZ Animals

Blue-Banded Sea Snake

Blue-Banded Sea Snake also known as blue-lipped sea krait. It is found in India.

Image - Wikipedia

Hardwicke’s Sea Snake

Hardwicke’s Sea Snake also known as spine-bellied sea snake. This is a poisonous snake, medium in size. 

Image - Wikipedia

Ornate Sea Snake

Ornate Sea Snakes can be found in indo-malayan realm. This snake also known as Hydrophis ornatus

Image - Natusfera-iNaturalist

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