10 Smartest Characters in Money Heist, Ranked

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The Professor

The Professor is the mastermind behind the heist and is without a doubt the smartest person in the room.

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Berlin, The Professor's brother, served as the heist's second-in-command during the robbery at the Royal Mint.

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Alicia Sierra

Because Alicia has all the qualities you'd despise her for, they don't call her the "Queen B—" for nothing.

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Raquel Murillo

Inspector Raquel, who is in charge of the heist, has encountered several difficulties in the drama.

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She is the member of the team with the most composure and maintains a positive relationship with their hostages.

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Angel Rubio

He is the authorised police officer in charge of the Royal Mint heist, Raquel Murillo's associate inspector.

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She has an expertise treating gunshot wounds. Tokyo worked on Nairobi after she was shot and suffered serious injuries.

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His skills are crucial to the idea as they stop the authorities from tapping any equipment, including computers.

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When everyone seemed to be as icy and emotionless as ice, he never hesitated to express his love or emotion.

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Despite having a small amount of screen time, every scene had a significant impact on the overall plot.

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