Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in MCU Phase 4

The Celestials

Celestials are presently the most important beings in the macrocosm. MCU suckers entered the first regard in Phase 2.


Eternals can also attack some of the most important characters in the MCU, as a group is a redoubtable force for anyone to handle.


Gawk is a superhero one of the most important MCU character, appearing in publications by the American publisher Marvel Comics.


 Thor faced a lot of struggles with issues similar as drunkenness following the events of punishers perpetuity War.

Scarlet Witch

 With Wanda now taking up the mantle of the Scarlet Witch, it seems like she'll be an impregnable force.


There’s no superhero list involving the MCU, which doesn’t point everyone’s fav friendly neighborhood superhero.

Adam Warlock

One of the utmost hype post-credits scene in MCU history with the tease of Marvel icon, Adam Warlock.


 Loki had one of the more intriguing plotlines in MCU history as it revolved around the God of Mischief.

Doctor Strange

 Doctor Strange may have had a hard time protecting off Peter Parker and his hellions gallery in Spider- Man No Way Home.

Captain Marvel

 Carol Danvers showed that she was a force to reckon with when she appeared during the last battle in punishers Endgame.

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