10 most famous Squid Game actors or actresses

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Lee Jung-jae

Gi-hun is a down-on-his-luck man who works as a chauffeur, is addicted to gambling, and lives with his ailing mother.

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Park Hae-soo

Gi-boyhood hun's friend Sang-woo, who attended South Korea's premier university, is a legend in the community.

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Jung Ho-yeon

North Korean defector Sae-byeok plys her trade as a thief while her younger brother resides in an orphanage.

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Wi Ha-joon

During his investigation of his missing brother's residence, cop Jun-ho discovers a game card.

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Oh Young-soo

Early on, Gi-hun and Il-nam, the game's oldest participant, become friends. He has a brain tumour, according to doctors.

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Heo Sung-tae

Following an altercation with his underworld boss, gangster Deok-su entered the game to settle gambling debts.

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Kim Joo-ryung

In order to win the game, Mi-nyeo, a mysterious player, will say or do anything, even seducing and pleading.

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Tripathi Anupam

The good-hearted Ali, along with his wife and young son, travelled to Korea from Pakistan to work.

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Lee Yoo-mi

Sae-byeok and mysterious Ji-yeong join forces for the tug-of-war round, becoming each other's allies.

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Yu Seong-ju

The series' eponymous doctor has access to an insider who can alert him to the Game rounds in advance.

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