Top 10 Most Beautiful  Dance Movies of All Time

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Black Swan

If Black Swan is genuinely frightful, the jury is yet out. It is, however, about as dance-tastic as dance movies come.

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Feel the Beat

Alex Owens works in a factory during the day and performs as a club dancer at night. Her biggest wish is?

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to enrol in a prominent dance conservatory and pursue dancing as a career full-time. We challenge you not to enrol in dance courses.

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Ironically, one of the best dance movies ever is set in a community where dancing is frowned upon.

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Dirty Dancing

In the event that dancing movies were ever graded, the Dirty Dancing film would undoubtedly be at the top.

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And Then We Danced

leading figure Merab and his companion Mary are on track to join the prestigious National Georgian Ensemble.

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Full Out

a motivational account of a gymnast who abandons her Olympic aspirations after an accident and instead pursues dancing.

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Center Stage

This dance movie, which is filled with friendship, love, and oh so much dancing, has a little bit of everything.

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Save the Last Dance

We'd be lying if we said we didn't like Save the Last Dance's seamless fusion of ballet and hip-hop dancing.

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The stage-to-screen transition of the iconic Bob Fosse dance in the movie musical is remarkably smooth.

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