Top 10 Most Beautiful Cockatoo Species in The World


Bare- eyed cockatoo might not be the meet pantomimist, but it makes up for it in personality, sportful and intelligent.

Black Palm

 Black Win cockatoos are large, important catcalls that bear a caretaker with ample pantomimist experience.

Citron Cockatoo

Citron cockatoos are quieter than utmost cockatoo species. They love to play and interact with their caretakers.


Sulphur- crested cockatoos are largely intelligent and need plenitude of space to play. They might resort to actions.

Goffin's Cockatoo

Goffin's cockatoos bear as much diurnal socialization as possible for their emotional health.

Major Mitchell's

The Major Mitchell's cockatoo is an seductive and intelligent raspberry that's known for its various crest.


Moluccan are tender catcalls that bond explosively with their caretakers. They like to stay close to their favorite humans.


Their striking pink and argentine feathers and friendly personalities have made rose- breasted cockatoos popular .

Umbrella Cockatoo

Hand- fed marquee cockatoos can be friendly. Numerous learn to do tricks and can mimic speech relatively well.


Slender  billed  cockatoos is known as long billed corellas. They crave commerce with their caretakers.

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