Top 10 Most Amazing Eyes in The Animal Kingdom

Mantis Shrimp

They are also called scorpion fish because their body resembles that of a scorpion. Their eyesight is incredible,


Chameleons are reptiles that belong to the order Squamata (meaning scales). They are found in Africa, Asia, Australia,


There are two types of eyes in birds: diurnal and nocturnal. Diurnal eyes are open during the day and close at night.


I was looking at some pictures of dragonflies recently and I realized that they are very important for our ecosystem.


These are the eyes of Geckos, a lizard species found around the globe. They are known for their ability to change color,


Both goats and sheep are very similar. Both are medium-sized mammals weighing between 45–100 kg (99–220 lb).


They also have an interesting way of communicating. Cuttlefish communicate using a system called echolocation.

Hammerhead Shark

They are also known for being extremely aggressive predators who eat other fish, birds, mammals, and even each other.


Tarsiers are nocturnal animals that live in trees. Their eyesight is amazing, allowing them to see well at night.


They have large eyes that are covered by skin. Their eyes are sensitive to light, allowing them to see well at night.

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