Top 10 Largest Species of Ape and Monkeys


The subtropical woodlands of central Africa are home to gorillas, the largest living primates.


The only remaining great ape species is the orangutan, which is only currently found in the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia.


Along with the bonobo, chimpanzees are one of the big ape species native to Africa and are among the most social of all ape species.


A species of old world monkey found in Guinea and the Congo is the mandrill primate large ape.


African baboon species, which can be found in savanna, open grassland, and woodland, are among of the biggest members of the ape family.


Gibbons are acrobatic primates that can be found in northeastern India, China, and Indonesian woods.


Only found in the Ethiopian Highlands, baboon-related gelada monkeys are closely related to them.

Gray Langur

The huge monkeys known as hanuman langurs are found in national parks on the Indian subcontinent's forested forests and open grasslands.

Howler Monkey

The largest of the new world monkey species, howler monkeys are found in the woods of South and Central America.

Macaca Nigra

Sulawesi, an island in Indonesia, is home to the Macaca Nigra or Celebes crested macaque.

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