10 greatest Royal Rumble matches in WWE history

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Ric Flair

Having come in third, Ric Flair spent nearly an hour in the ring showing his abilities and hurling five other men.

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Stone Cold

His opponents in the Royal Rumble match included The Undertaker, Kane, The Rock, Big Show, Rikishi, and others.

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The Undertaker

There is no denying that the 2007 Royal Rumble lacks star power. Check out the list of the 30 involved men.

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Hulk Hogan

While Hulkamania was in full swing, The Hulkster won the first of back-to-back Royal Rumbles in 1990.

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Triple H

In many ways, the 2002 Royal Rumble signalled the start of a new era for WWE. The business had taken in WCW.

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Stone Cold

The confrontational Attitude Era of the WWE was only getting started when the 1998 Royal Rumble took place.

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One of the most captivating stories in the history of the Royal Rumble was featured at the 2010 edition.

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John Cena

Cena stood at the entranceway grinning and savouring the moment as his music started and the crowd roared.

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Rey Mysterio

Rey  entered the bout as the second man, competing for the honour of Eddie Guerrero, who had just lately passed away.

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Randy Orton

One of the most illustrious Royal Rumbles in the competition's history was the one from the previous year.

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