Get That Perfect Cat-Eye Makeup Look

Brush your eyelids starting at the lashline and moving into the crease after dipping your brush into a neutral, sheer, or light eyeshadow.

You want your wing to follow this line, so place a thin makeup brush against the side of your nose and tilt it so that it points to the end of your eyebrow.

Your cat eye will be larger and more dramatic the higher you make your dot. Before continuing, confirm that the dots on both eyes are at the same height and angle.

Avoid pulling on your skin as you draw the wing. Instead, slightly reposition your head back and avert your eyes so you can see your lash line.

Eyeliner should be drawn smoothly from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the lid. Place your line at the desired height for your cat eye.

You might or might not need to fill the outline in, depending on how you slanted your original lines and how thick you drew them.

You can clean along lines and in corners thanks to the sharp tip without accidently smudging your eyeliner.

Put eyeliner in the corner of your eyes and gradually move it toward the cat eye. Continue until you reach the outside corner of your lid.

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