Top 8 Friendly Pet Birds Species

Written By- Rakesh Sharma 23 August, 2022


Budgerigar is popular birds also known as parakeets. This birds is friendy and low maintainance pet bird.

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Another choice of friendly pet bird Cockatiel hailing from Austrailia. They can easily copied doorbell, telephones sound.

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Cockatoo is large, affectional pet birds. If you want a pet bird Cockatoo is your better choice.

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Hyacinth Macaw

One of the largest parrots, lives thoughout the world also kown as gentle giant.

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A sweet, gentle bird you can easily makes friendship with them. But it is not easily domesticable.

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If you want a pet bird, another choice is Parrotlet. They are Spunky and relatively easy to care birds.

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Hahn’s Macaw

A smallest Macaw lived in south america. But they are intelligent, affectional birds.

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