Fascinating Snake Facts and Information for Kids

There are Nearly 3000 Varieties of Snakes

They vary from tiny creatures less than 2 inches long to huge constrictors measuring over 20 feet long.

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Snakes are Deaf and Cannot Hear Sounds

Snakes are fascinating creatures. They are found around the globe and they are known to be very dangerous.

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Most Poisonous Snakes Have Bright Colours

There are some poisonous snakes out there. These include the cobra, mamba, black mamba, king cobra, fer-de-lance,

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Snakes Live Longer in Zoos Than in the Wild

their food supply is controlled, they don't have predators, and they aren't exposed to extreme weather conditions.

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Snakes Eat Only When They Feel Hungry

Snakes eat only when their hunger strikes. In other words, snakes don’t eat unless they want to eat.

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Snakes Can Swallow Large Preys Easily

Snakes are reptiles that live throughout the world and they are characterized by having no external ears, scales or limbs.

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Snakes Don’t Take a Bath

You might think that snakes don’t take baths because they’re cold-blooded animals, but that’s not true at all. In fact,

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