Top 10 Epic YouTube Shorts Ideas To Grow In 2022

Create a before and after video

Before and after videos are trending on YouTube nowadays. This idea is not only engaging but helps you to show how your product can bring change in results.

Run deep on product benefits

The YouTube audience is an eclectic mix of learners and entertainers – it is the perfect platform to let people know more about your product.

Share updates & trends

A great way to keep your audience hooked to your brand is to create content that helps them outside the scope of your product.

Share fun & authentic BTS clips

Behind the scenes or BTS is a great way to channel your brand comms into a YouTube short. All you claim to go is mug some BTS footage of your work.

Share fun hacks in a mini-tutorial

Mini-tutorial or hacks have always been a go-to content bucket for brands and marketers. Not only are there unlimited ideas to work on.

Share an aesthetic mini vlog

Mini-vlogs are super fun to create. They can assort from a daytime in the memoir of your troupe’s CEO to a low-lying items videotape review.

Compile customer reviews into a YouTube Short

Customer reviews are the backbone of social proof in the current online economy. And let your customers do the talking.

Best industry myths and facts

This is a great way to combine reality with the facts and generate interest in your brand. You can append your voiceover along with factual footage.

Publish motivating content

Motivational content has always been one of the top-performing content buckets across social media platforms.

News in a minute

This idea works very well if you want to share what’s happening around the world as a YouTube Shorts video. This is good to aid observe your cult up to tryst.

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