Top 10 Dog Groomers In The USA

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OrangeBone is a canine boutique and full-service grooming salon located in Los Angeles.

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The Groomery

The Groomery charges $65 for a basic dog shampoo, brushout, and trim. The cost for medium-sized breeds begins at $72.

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SF Dog Parlour

SF Dog Parlour has only been around for three years, but they have been grooming dogs for forty years.

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El Cajon Dog Wash and Grooming Salon

El Cajon Dog Wash and Grooming Salon is a full-service, San Diego pet grooming.

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Dr. Dave’s Grooming Boarding Day Care

Around San Jose, Dr. Dave's is a one-stop shop for pet services that provides grooming, boarding, and doggy daycare.

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The Dog Barber

Roberto Lopez, a licenced professional groomer with a background in animal husbandry, is the owner and operator of The Dog Barber.

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Fabulous Lanai Grooming Salon

Owned and operated by Susan, Fabulous Lanai Grooming Salon has been making Sacramento clients happy for more than 50 years.

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Pampered Tails

Since 2005, Pampered Tails has been grooming pets in West LA and has been rated as the best groomer in the area

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Dirty Dogs

Dirty Dogs is a pet shop and groomer located in various locations in and around San Diego. They offer healthy pet foods.

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Absolute Pawfection

In Sorrento Valley, San Diego, Absolute Pawfection is a reputable pet grooming business that promises complete satisfaction.

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