8 Different Types of Crane Birds!

Common Crane

The common crane, also referred to as the Eurasian crane, has a slate-gray body with a crimson crest.

Sandhill Crane

The sandhill crane lives in both North America and northeastern Siberia. It can be identified by its grey body colour.

Whooping Crane

With its height of over 5 feet, the whooping crane is the tallest bird in North America.

Sarus Crane

The wetland habitats of India are home to the Sarus crane, which is believed to be the highest flying bird in the entire world.

Black-Crowned Crane

The magnificent arc of golden feathers, enormous red cheek patches, and black plumage on the black-crowned crane's head gave it that name.

Siberian Crane

The Siberian crane's amazing all-white feathers have no colour contrasts other than the red feathers on its face.

Demoiselle Crane

The endemic demoiselle crane lives in the marshes, streams, and lakes of Eurasia from the Black Sea coast to China.


The red head and grey body of the brolga, often called the Australian crane, set it apart from other birds.

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