Eastern Cottonmouth

The northeastern region of the state does not have any cottonmouths, but they are found elsewhere.

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Southern Black Racer

Black racers are long, slender snakes that can reach lengths of 5 feet. They may have a white chin.

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Glossy Crayfish Snake

Glossy crayfish snakes favour the southern coastal plain. As their name suggests, they primarily consume crayfish.

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Brahminy Blind Snake

Brahminy blind snakes were introduced to the United States as invasive species in the soil of imported plants.

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Plain-Bellied Water Snake

Except for the mountains and some regions of the southeast, the plain-bellied water snake can be found all over the state.

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Eastern Rat Snake

In Georgia, the south has more of these snakes than the north does. They enjoy eating eggs, rats, and birds.

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Black Swamp Snake

Black swamp snakes can be found on the coastal plain of the southeast. They have a back that is black and a solid red underside.

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Black Kingsnake

The northwest of the state is where you can find black kingsnakes. They can live in practically any type of habitat and are adaptive.

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Eastern Mud Snake

Mud snakes are found in the coastal plain and western Piedmont. They have black bodies with red checkerboard undersides.

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Eastern Indigo Snake

They use their burrows in addition to feasting on gopher tortoises. With a length of 7 feet, they are among the state's longest snakes.

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