Top 10 Cute Pictures of Golden Retrievers

Interesting Origins

These alternate theories were debunked, one even surmises that goldens are descendants of Russian circus dogs!

Aren't Just Golden

Indeed though they are called golden retrievers, not all goldens have a unheroic- gold fleece, they've also other colors.

Aren't Just Golden

Every single day golden retrievers need lots of exercise as members of the Sporting Group. Bred to cost waterfowl.

Work Hard

 Because they were bred as working tykes and are incredibly fast learners, they are frequently employed as hunting tykes.

Super Mouthy

If you've ever possessed a golden retriever or have just eaten a mess near bone you know how important they love to eat.

Some Famous

They're relatively notorious because of so eager to please their puppy dog parents, they are one of the easier types to train.

Hailed as Super Heroes

Golden retrievers are fiercely pious to their families, the sweet golden is one of those puppy dog icons .

Never Lose Their Puppy Exuberance

Golden retrievers noway lose their energetic, silly, ridiculous puppy dog vibrance.

Sweetest Smiles

Golden retrievers are known for their big, tasty, frothy smiles. They are some of the sweetest puppies around, too.

Cute Looks

Golden Retrievers breed is one of cute dogs. Their puppy is more cute than the aged  Golden Retrievers.

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