Top 10 Coolest Characters In DC Comics

Alan Scott Brings Classy Style To The First Green Lantern Costume

Alan Scott’s Green Lantern outfit is one of the coolest characters in DC comics.

Static Makes Hoodies Look Heroic

Static is the epitome of youthful style. His outfit made by vibrant and brimming with electricity,

Hardware Wears His Uniform Like A Second Skin

It's Called the Hardware Shell. It’s applied to his skin using the Hardware Shell Forge.

Poison Ivy Makes Green Look Good

It also allows her to shape flowers and vines to perfectly fit her petite frame.

Black Racer Stylishly Skis Across The Stars To Claim The Dead

Black Racer also sports a visor similar to those worn by jousting knights.

Naomi Has The Fresh Fashion The Future Needs

Naomi’s civilian look was casual black pants and a white t-shirt with a tan jacket.

Midnighter Is Fashion's New Black Dress

 From the eclipsed sun to an outline of an eye with a single dot for the pupil.

Martian Manhunter

He date back to 1955, and was one of the original founder members of the Justice League of America.

The Riddler

Batman has more awesome adversaries than the rest of DC’s heroes – even if they combined their rogue’s galleries,

Jason Todd

It can feel like characters never really progress after their origin stories. An exception to that rule is Jason Todd.

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