Top 10 Common Plants That Are Toxic to Birds


Growing amaryllis from bulb to flower can be a fun inner gardening experience, but it'll put your pet raspberry at threat.


It's a popular, cheery spring flowers but they can spell trouble for pet catcalls. These flowers contain the chemical lycorine.


Holly is a great decoration for vacation fests, but its leaves and berries are toxic to catcalls.


Lush, green ivy is a popular decoration in numerous homes. But it can be deadly to any pet catcalls who partake your home.


There are numerous types of lilies, all beautiful and popular in flowery arrangements. But raspberry possessors should remove any lilies.


Another popular vacation factory, mistletoe also can be deadly to pet catcalls. It can make weak and anorexia if catcalls ingest it.

Morning Glory

The beautiful flowers of this popular vine are affable to look at, but it poses a serious trouble to your pet raspberry's health.


Philodendrons are common houseplants whose leafage can add a jungle vibe to your home, but they are not safe for catcalls.


These beautiful shops are frequently the centerpiece of vacation fests. But if you enjoy catcalls, you have to ignore this flower.


Shamrock factory will bring a little luck into your home. But these houseplants are largely poisonous to catcalls.

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