Top 10 Common Mistakes First-Time Horse Riders Make

Wearing Baggy Clothes

Baggy  cloths are umfit for horse riding, but both English and western is form-fitting and trim.

Attaching Yourself to the Saddle or Horse

If you are horse rider then its need  to attach yourself to your horse .

Letting Go of the Reins

The rains will always help you to control your horse. It will work, when your horse will getting out of your control.

Wearing the Wrong Footwear

If you wanna be a good rider , you also need to careful about footwear. Always try to wear riding or cowboy boot.

Thinking You're Just Going to Sit There

Riding is not just a matter of having a horse or going to sit, its need practice, skill, balance.

Not Listening Closely

If you are going out on a guided tour for horse ride, then its important to listen what your coach is telling to you.

Not Trusting Your Coach

Whatever your coach will telling you, have a reason to choose suitable horse for you. So keep trust on your coach.

Trying to Hold the Saddle to Stay On

Sitting on a horse is comfortable and keep balance. But it's bad habit to hold the Saddle to stay on.

Skipping the Helmet

Always wear a helmet when you are going to horse ride, even if horse is not move faster then walk.


Don't be discourage if you fail in your first horse riding. Keep confidence on yourself and practice it again and again.

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