Top 10 Cold Weather Animals 

Snowy Owl

Winter is upon us once again, and snow is falling everywhere. While some animals thrive during cold weather, others struggle.

Arctic Hare

The Arctic hare (Lepus arcticus) is a species of mammal native to the northern parts of Europe and Asia.

Arctic Fox

Winter is a harsh season for many animals. Some species have evolved special adaptations to survive in the cold.

Snow Leopard

This rare cat has also been spotted in China, Russia, Mongolia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bhutan.


In addition, they also feed on sea grasses and kelp. The males fight each other over females using their tusks.

Emperor Penguins

They feed mainly on krill, fish eggs, squid, and other marine life. Their diet consists mostly of protein, fat,

Beluga Whale

 Cold-blooded animals (like reptiles and fish) absorb heat from their environment and retain it within their bodies.

Harp Seal

Cold weather animals are adapted to thrive in these harsh conditions. Some of them even hibernate through winter.


The Arctic Circle is home to some of the harshest environments on earth. Yet, despite its extreme conditions,

Polar Bear

Bears live in the Arctic Circle, where the temperature remains below zero degrees Celsius (32°F) for months at a time.

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