10 Cat Breeds That Have Blue-Colored Coats

Russian Blue

Russian blue only comes in one fleece color — an indeed, slightly bright blue with no markings, according to the strain standard.


Chartreux breeds are  popular cat of France.  It is rare outside of Europe. This breed was began in ancient Persia.


 Nebelung means" critter of the mist" in German. Considered a geek strain, they has a medium- length fleece of blue.


The Korat is a dark blue cat strain. Korat have a short fleece that's light blue at the roots but gradually it'll change .

British Shorthair

 They are frequently allowed of as a blue cat. It's one of its most common colors, the strain was called a" British blue."

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental shorthair comes in many colors and patterns. With a solid blue Oriental looks svelte and elegant.

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This cat breed comes in various colors. Blue color is formerly considered the most asked fleece color for this breed.


 Burmese has the possibility of flaunting this striking fleece color. A Burmese fleece has a fine texture and a satin- suchlike sense.

American Shorthair

Medium- sized breed comes in a variety of fleece colors and patterns, including blue fleeces, although infrequently.

Domestic Shorthair

These are the most popular pussycats in the U.S. They come in a wide many patterns and colors, including blue.

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