Top 10 Cat Breeds from Asia


The Siamese cat breed originated in Thailand and was later exported to other countries such as France and Germany.


 Today, the Persians are found throughout the world. There are two types of Persian cats: longhair and shorthair.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a breed of cat developed over hundreds of years in the Anatolian region of eastern Turkey.


Some are very friendly, while others are shy. Some are extremely playful, while others prefer solitude.

Japanese Bobtail

These cats are also known for their long hair coat, short nose, and round ears. They are often found in Japan,


The Korat cat breed has become very popular in recent years due to its unique appearance and friendly nature.

Dragon Li

The domestic cat has become a household pet around the globe. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty,


The most common color is black, although other colors include white, tortoiseshell, orange, blue, and tabby.

Oriental Shorthair

There are several different types of cat breeds found throughout Asia. Some of these include the Japanese Bobtail,


There are over 100 different types and subtypes of cat breeds. Most of them originated in Europe, North America,

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