Top 10 Blue Snakes  in The Earth

Blue Racer Snake

Blue Racer Snake is a subspecies of the Eastern Racer with a long, elegant body measuring 36-60 inches.

Blue-Striped Garter Snake

Blue-Striped Garter Snake is a subspecies of garter snake that lives in Florida. Its slender body is gray,

Blue palm pit viper

 cathemeral snake, which means that it is active at seemingly random times throughout the day as well as at night.

Blue Phase Common

The Blue Phase Common Tree Snake is typically yellow, green, brown, or black. On rare occasions, however,

Guatemalan Palm Viper

The Guatemalan Palm Pit Viper is a venomous snake that lives in the forests of Guatemala, Honduras,

Bluestripe Ribbon Snake

The Bluestripe Ribbon Snake is a subspecies of Ribbon Snake that lives in Florida, along the Gulf Coast.

Malabar Pit Viper

they typically move slowly, Malabar Pit Vipers are quick to strike. Their bites, however, are not fatal to humans,

Vietnamese Blue Beauty

Blue Beauty Snake is a subspecies of the Beauty Rat Snake that lives in tropical rainforests in Vietnam,

Sunda Island Pit Viper

These island-dwelling snakes have brilliant green, blue-green, or yellow bodies depending on where they live.

Eastern Indigo Snake

This snake has a deep blue-black body with smooth, polished scales that shine iridescently in the sun.

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