best superhero games on roblox

 Marvel and DC Dawn of Heroes

This is one of the biggest and most popular superhero games out there. Over 260 million people have played.

Marvel Infinity

The game is probably based on the Avengers franchise especially the Avengers Infinity War Anyway.

Iron Man Simulator 2

This game is the most awaited sequel of Iron Man Simulator. As the name suggests, this game allows the players.

Marvel’s Spiderman

Marvel’s Spiderman is a simple little game that scratches a very specific itch. And it does it really well considering.

Super Hero Life 2

In this game, you can be a superhero who saves civilians. Superhero life 2 is a free roam Superhero themed fighting.

Age of Heroes

This game has awesome gameplay and some really nice graphics. You get to play as some of the most iconic.

Super Hero Tycoon

Whoever doesn’t like to be a superhero once in a while? Delay no more and wear a suit in Super Hero Tycoon.

My Hero Academia Online

This game is based on the Anime My hero Academia. People in this universe have quirks that are basically nothing.

Dragon Ball Online Generations

We cannot be doing anything related to the Anime background without involving Dragon Ball Z. This game is all combat.

Heroes of Robloxia

Heroes of Robloxia is one of the coolest superhero action and adventure games out there. It was originally designed.

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