10 best spy films on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and Hulu

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

The Mission Impossible series has continuously been a fan favourite when it comes to spy films.

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The spy thriller Argo is based on true events, including when a film crew had to help liberate American hostages in Tehran.

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The character of the real spy drama is Ron, an agent in the intelligence division of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

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Zero Dark Thirty

In the Academy Award-winning film Zero Dark Thirty, Osama Bin Laden's unrelenting pursuit by the CIA is examined.

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Bridge of Spies

In Bridge of Spies, another spy film, the Soviet Union shoots down a CIA U-2 plane and captures its pilot during the Cold War.

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Atomic Blonde

A MI6 agent named Charlize Theron is caught up in a conversation about her previous job in the city at the office.

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Burn After Reading

The Cohen Brothers' satirical novel Burn After Reading criticises the ineffectiveness of spy agencies.

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A Call to Spy

The British PM Churchill, who requested that his intelligence agency use women for sabotage, is the main character of A Call to Espionage.

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Much attention has been given to the spy thriller's casting, which is streamable on Amazon Prime.

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The movie Snowden centres on Edward Snowden, a contractor who joins the NSA. You may watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

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