Top 10 Best Gaited Horse Breeds for a Smooth Ride

Icelandic Horse

Icelandic nags are sure- footed and resistant to harsh conditions. It is most comfortable for rider.

American Saddlebred

This is one of the most popular gaited nags frequently used in processions. It's prized for its smooth lift and garishness.

Paso Fino

These nags are small and sturdy, carrying riders over the rugged terrain of their islet and littoral homes.

Peruvian Paso

 Peru’s public steed has numerous suckers for its elegant carriage and smooth lift. It's notorious for its special gaits.

American Standardbred

 This is a star in harness races. But they're great for riding, too. They've two distinct gaits pacing and sprinting.

Tennessee Walking

The smooth gait of the Tennessee walking steed makes it one of North America’s most popular types.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle

 This steed has a natural four- beat gait, called an ramble or a rack. Quite comfortable horse for a rider.


 This horse is hailing from India, Marwari steed is rare to see in North America. It has an strolling gait, analogous to a pace.


Morgans are generally regarded asnon-gaited nags, but numerous will gait naturally. It's one of the great riding nags.


A gaited Appaloosa has a side gait, this horse's legs are on the same side of the steed move together.

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