Top 10 Best Female Dancers in K-Pop Industry


She competed in and won numerous Junior dancing competitions while a member of the Thai dance group We Zaa Cool.

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The performance queen is Hyuna. Although many people might not be aware of this, when Hyuna was seven years old.

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Momo – Twice

Momo may currently be the best female Kpop dancer overall, according to some.

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Hyolyn is arguably the best female dancer in Kpop, according to many. Hyolyn is undoubtedly the sexiest dancer in K-pop, that much is certain.

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The dancer to study if you want to increase your fluidity is Chungha. All of the female dancers in Kpop acknowledge Chungha's talent.

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Seungyeon – CLC

The most underappreciated dancer on this list is Seungyeon, who is the lead dancer for CLC.

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Minzy – 2NE1

Minzy must be included on any list of the top female dancers in Kpop. After viewing a video of Minzy competing in a dancing competition, YG noticed her.

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Chaeyeon – IZ*ONE

When she appeared on K-pop Star Season 3, Chaeyeon first gained widespread recognition for her dancing.

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Hyoyeon – SNSD

She took a tiny neighbourhood dancing class where they taught all kinds of dance, and that's how she learned how to dance.

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Seulgi – Red Velvet

Her fluidity makes up for the fact that she is not as flexible as the other people on this list.

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