Top 10 Best Dog Breeds From Portugal

Portuguese Water Dog

One of the most popular Portuguese canine types. These tykes are natural athletes and have a special affinity for water.

Portuguese Podengo

Portuguese Podengo is the public canine of Portugal. These sighthounds have been used for centuries in Portugal to quest.

Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, is simply the lowest variety of the Podengo strain. They need a lot of exercise.

Portuguese Pointer

They also called the Perdigueiro Portugues, is a centuries-old stalking canine that excels in catcalls and small game.

Estrela Mountain Dog

 One of Portugal’s oldest native canine types is the Estrela mountain. They've a amenable nature with their family.

Portuguese Sheepdog

The Portuguese gundog is known for being lively and pious. There's no certainty as to the origin of this Portuguese canine strain.

Alentejo Mastiff

The largest Portuguese canine strain is the Alentejo mastiff, also known as the Portuguese mastiff or Rafeiro do Alentejo.

Portuguese Cattle Dog

The Portuguese cattle canine is known by further than one name. These tykes were bred to watch over herds of beast.

Saint Miguel Cattle Dog

Saint Miguel cattle tykes are an active & athletic strain. They're also veritably intelligent and largely biddable.

Barbado da Terceira

They hails from the Portuguese islet of Terceira. It descends from colorful herding and guard tykes in Portugal.

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