Top 10 Best British Cat Breeds

British Shorthair

British shorthair is presumably the most well- known British cat strain. It called British blues for the argentine argentine fleece.

British Longhair

British geek sports a luxurious ethereal fleece and a analogous face to its shorthair kinsman. Known to be relatively loving cat.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a largely tender British strain with big cognizance a small elevation and a short.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex pussycats bring a canine- suchlike disposition to their relations with an affinity for play.


Orientals actually began in England. These intelligent pussycats love to give affection and anticipate it in return.


The Chinchilla is one of the oldest manmade cat types out of England. These pussycats may partake a name with a rodent.


Burmilla, a sportful strain with a taste for adventure and a short fleece. They infrequently say no to a stage cuddle.

Havana Brown

The Havana brown was developed in England as a result of crosses between the Siamese and domestic black pussycats.

Turkish Van

Turkish Van strain was developed in England. These pussycats tend to be veritably active, athletic and sportful cat breed.

Asian Cat

Asian cat was developed in England. These pussycats generally are veritably tender and relatively chatty.

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