Top 10 Best British Cat Breeds

Here We Provide Information About Top 10 Best British Cat Breeds

Witten By  Anindita Das  29th August 2022

British Shorthair

British Shorthair is a medium size british cat . It looks very cute and also they are very charming. They have gray colour father.

British Longhair

British Longhair is the luxurious fluffy coat cat. British Longhair cat breed is known to be quite loving, friendly, and patient.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex is big ears; a small stature; and a short, curly coat. These cats have quite popular for their friendly, relaxed nature. 

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex has the dog like nature. This breed arose from a spontaneous genetic mutation, they are British cat.


Oriental cats are fully white coated looks very cute. Orientals actually originated in England they were cute breed.


Chinchilla is one of the oldest cat breed. Which is originated from England. They are also attention seeker.


The Burmilla, a playful British cat breed. They are play full, emotional and adventure lover breed. Their coats are small.

Havana Brown

Havana Brown cat breed's colour is full y brown and the coloue look amazing . They are fluffy coated adorable, cute . 

Turkish Van

Turkish Van cat breed actually was developed in England but they are from Turkey. They are friendly toward people.

Asian Cat

Asian Cat was developed in England starting in the 1980s. They love to play, cuddle, and generally be around people.

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