Top 10 Best Angelfish That Are Reef Tank Safe

Swallowtail Angelfish

Swallowtail Angelfish is one of the few truly reef tank safe. This is a beautiful Japanese mid-water  column angelfish.

Coral Beauty

The Coral Beauty species is favorite dwarf  for hobbyists;  Its a low cost spices and its brilliant coloring, hardiness .

Fisher's Angelfish

It's one of the smallest dwarf angelfish species. It has orange body with a thin blue colour and caudal fin is pale yellow.

Potter's Angelfish

It is a another most docile of angelfish species. It has a great quality that it's  quit aggressive towards the new fish.

Pearlback Angelfish

These fish are considerd as semi-aggressive. It is also consider as a Considered reef tank safe angelfish with caution.

Cherub Angelfish

A cherub angelfish prefers reef tanks but as other angelfish it not a completely  reef safe angelfish .

Lemonpeel Angelfish

This angelfish specially known for picking at large-polyp stony corals and tridacnid clam mantles.

Flame Angelfish

 It is a tropical Pacific reef dweller angelfish from Oceania. It is consider as reef safe for adapt well to a captive diet.


 It is one of the larger dwarf angelfish spices. Also known as Eibl's angelfish. Most agggressive towards small fish.

Masked Angelfish

These are  stunning reef angelfish, who are quit aggressive . They require a minimum tank size of 150 gallons.

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