Top 10 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Boosts brain power

Ultimately, Area 11/Japan was the reason behind everything Lelouch Lamperouge did in Code Geass.

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Improves memory

Utilize it or lose it. How frequently have you heard that expression? The more the brain is used, the more complex things become.

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Enhances the ability to multi-task

For individuals who are not accustomed to it or who don't do it effectively, multitasking can be highly stressful.

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Sharpens the mind

According to a study from the University of Pompeu Fabra in Spain, multilingual individuals are more adept at observing their environment.


Keeps the mind sharper for longer

This subject has been the subject of numerous investigations, and the outcomes are reliable.


Enhances decision-making

A University of Chicago study found that multilingual individuals have an easier time making decisions.


The first language is improved

Learning a new language increases your awareness of the specifics of your native tongue.


Improves performance in other academic areas

Studies reveal that the advantages of learning a new language arise from increased cognitive skills.


Increases networking skills

You can become more adaptable and receptive to the ideas and behaviours of others by opening up to a new culture.


Provides better career choices

Language Development in the Workforce by Eton Institute revealed (September 2014),


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