Top 10 Anime With Genius Main Character

Code Geass

Main character of Code Geass  is Lelouch Lamperouge , who is a high school student. He had the power of  supernatural "Geass".

Dr. Stone

Senku Ishigami is the main and genius character of  Dr. Stone. It's all about the mystery phenomenon of stone for thousand years.

Death Note

  Light Yagami is the main genius character in the top tier dark fantsy anime Death Note , who is a high school student .

Steins; Gate

Amateur scientists  Rintaro Okabe is genius character of most popular sci-fi anime Steins; Gate, based on time manipulation.

Detective Conan

 A school student Shinichi Kudou is the main character of popular 90's anime Detective Conan, who is an excellent detective.

Irregular At Magic High School

With the main character Tatsuya Shiba a web  novel anime is Irregular At Magic High School .

Classroom Of The Elite

Not a genius but an average guy  Ayanokouji Kiyotaka  in his school life but have a  sharp strategic mind.

Moriarty the Patriot

The  anime series with genius main character  Sherlock Holmes  follow the story of nobleman William James Moriarty.


A student Hotarou Oreki is the main character in Hyouka  anime ,who have a powerful brain but he doesn't love to use it.

No Game No Life

In the anime main character brother-sister Sora and Shiro, became popular for their extraordinary gaming skill.

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