8 Animals You Might Never See in the Future

Written By- Rakesh Sharma 18 August, 2022

Marine turtles

Marine turtles, which have lived in our waters for more than 100 million years, are excellent navigators and, swim hundreds of thousands of miles

Image: Unsplash

Blue whales

The world's largest animal, blue whales occasionally swim in small groups but mostly are free to wander the waters.

Image: Unsplash

Snow leopards

Snow leopards are lone, cunning hunters. The stealthy creatures can kill anything up to three times their weight.

Image: Unsplash

Polar bears

The largest terrestrial carnivore on the planet, polar bears spend the most of their time around water and ice and don't do much else.

Image: Unsplash


Similar to the snow leopard, jaguars spend most of their time alone, except during mating season when a pair may mate up to 100 times a day.

Image: Unsplash


Orangutans are intelligent primates with striking red coats that live in semi-solitary groups in the wild.

Image: Unsplash


The native Australian platypus spends its days relaxing in its burrow or consuming crustaceans and plants at the bottom of rivers, lakes, and streams.

Image: Unsplash

Peregrine falcon

Peregrine falcons were able to adapt, but in the 1970s, they started to go extinct.

Image: Unsplash

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