Discover The Top 9 Animals With The Shortest Lifespan

Written By- Rakesh Sharma 22 August, 2022


Average life span of a Mayfly is only Twenty-Four Hours. Lived in lake, pond and stream this insects found over North America.

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Fruit Fly

Did you know Fruit Fly lived only Two Weeks. It is very small sized animal, varies from one-eighth of an inch long.

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Drone Ant

Another shorter lifespan animals lived Three Weeks only found all over world.

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They easily lived various climatic conditions but they lived just two month.

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Dragonfly usually lived throughout around the cattails of a lake or pond. There average lifespan is Four Months.

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Worker Bee

These anmal primarily known as worker animal. They lived just Eight Months.

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Labord’s Chameleon

Labord’s Chameleon lived in forest habitat in Madagascar. Average lifespan of a Labord’s Chameleon was one year.

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Mosquitofish is a type of a fish, which are found over Mississippi River and in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Common Mouse

Common adabtable mouse almost three or four inches lived in various climatic conditions.

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