Top 10 Animal World Records

Written By- Pankaj Mahato 27th August, 2022

Here We  Provide Information About Top 10 Animal World Records


The shortest cow in the world

Manikyam cow is about 24.07 inches long. And weight is about 40 kg. This cow is usually found in South India Kerala state.


World’s largest crocodile in captivity

Lolong is the largest crocodile in the world. Its length is 20 ft 3 ins and weight is 2370 pound. It was first seen at  Philippines.


Dog with Largest Eyes

The Boston Terrier is famous for its big eyes. The measurement of his eyes is 28mm. His eyes make him very easy to hunt.


World’s Longest Snake in Captivity

Medusa is the world's largest snake. Which is 25 feet 2 inches long and weighs 350 pounds. Its primary diet is usually rabbits, deer.


Longest domestic cat in the world

Stevia is the largest domestic cat among cats. More than 1.2 meters tall. It makes Prefers to be with people.


World’s Fastest Tortoise

Tartise is well known for its fast pace. Bertie are the fastest moving Tortois. This turtle takes 19.53 sec to cover a distance of 18 feet.


World’s tallest dog ever

The Zeus longest living dog in the world. His height was 3 feet 4 inches. 165 pounds is his weight. It is a very gentle nature dog.


Longest Ears on a Dog

bloodhound is the largest eared dog in the world.The length of his right and left ears is 13.75 inches and 13.5 inches.


World’s Tallest Bovine

It is the longest among the cow in terms of length.This cow has the capacity to give more than 72 thousand pounds of milk in a year.


World’s Woolliest Sheep

Chris is the most wool bearing sheep in the world. This sheep holds the world record by carrying 41 kilograms of wool.


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