Top 10  Amazon Parrot Species as Pets

Blue Fronted Amazon 

Blue Fronted Amazons are natural players, Active and comical. They are Prolific talkers and singers.

Red Lored Amazon

Red Lored Amazons are charismatic birds and who love peoples . They are talented talkers and singers.

Yellow-Naped Amazon

Unheroic- Naped Amazon parrots are quick- witted brutes that make awful pet for active possessors.

Double Yellow Headed

Double Yellow- Headed Amazon is a fascinating raspberry that loves being the center of attention.

Panama Amazons

 It is a good family raspberry. It's a friendly pet that loves interacting with people and also a veritably active species.

Lilac-Crowned Amazon

They are curious and active catcalls by nature. These catcalls form strong bonds with their possessors.

Southern Mealy

 Known to be the most gentle and amenable of the Amazon parrots. They're tender when kept as pet .

Green Cheeked

They are sportful and sweet, hand- fed Green- Cheeked Amazon parrots are good family pet .

White Fronted

Beautiful and intelligent, they can be pleasurable pet , with a tendency to bond explosively to one person.


They've excellent speech capacities and fascinating personalities. It's a quite sweet and tender pet.

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