Amazing Facts About Cats With Pictures

The oldest known pet cat existed 9,500 years ago

The history of cats goes back thousands of years. They were originally bred to hunt rodents and other pests.

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Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping

They also tend to stay awake longer at night, staying up to 16 hours a day. This means they spend 70% of their time asleep.

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A cat was the Mayor of an Alaskan town for 20 years

There are over 40 million cats living in the United States alone. They are considered the most popular pet in America.

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The record for the longest cat ever is 48.5 inches

The previous record holder was a Maine Coon named Tuxedo who lived at the Cat Haven Animal Sanctuary in New Hampshire.

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The richest cat in the world had ?7 million

The richest cat in the world has 7 million dollars. His name is Mr. Whiskers and he lives in New York City.

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Cats walk like camels and giraffes

The domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) is a species of medium-sized carnivorous mammal native to the Old World.

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Isaac Newton invented the cat door

Cats are very intelligent animals. They can solve problems and they also have their own language. In this video,

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