10 Most Tourist Cities in the World

Written By- Rakesh Sharma 13 August, 2022

Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong, which received a total of 29,262,700 visitors in 2018, is at the top of the list.

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Thailand's metropolis, Bangkok, welcomed 24,177,500 tourists last year. Bangkok is ranked second on this list.

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One of the biggest and most well-known cities in the world is London. It serves as the hub for commerce, banking, and culture as the capital

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China's Macau, which had about 18,931,400 visitors in 2018, is ranked fourth on this list.

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Singapore was the fifth-most visited city in the world in 2018 with 18,551,200 visitors from other countries.

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The sixth-ranked city on the list is Paris, France, which received 17,560,200 visitors in 2018.

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In the parched desert nation of the United Arab Emirates, the city of Dubai is an opulent, almost otherworldly hub of wealth.

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New York City

With 13,600,000 visitors in 2018, New York City, by far the most visited city in the United States, is ranked eighth in the world.

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Kuala Lumpur

As the nation's capital, it serves as the political, social, and economic nerve centre as well as a hub for diversity.

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13,433,000 persons are known to have visited Istanbul for business or pleasure in 2018.

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