Guard Dogs That Are Also Wonderful Family Pets

Dogs are considered the best pet option all across the globe. So, Here are some of the guard dogs that are also wonderful family pets.

Are you looking for someone who can be your family member as well as can guard your house? Then you should opt for pet dogs as they fulfill both your requirements. Here in this article, we have listed some of the best dog breeds nominated by the American Kennel Club that can be your pet, play with you become a family member of your house, and also brave enough to guard your house.

Choosing the right dog bread is always important so in this article, we will give information about some of the best guard dogs that are also wonderful family pets.

Here we want to discuss all the information about the “Guard Dogs That Are Also Wonderful Family Pets “. If you want to keep the dog as a pet then you are in the right place to know their habit. So keep reading below for details.

Following Are Guard Dogs That Are Also Wonderful Family Pets

Dogs are no doubt considered the best watchman of the house. They are loyal brave and always ready to protect their owner. They are not only the best guards but also good pet that makes us calm and composed and teaches us lessons in our life. But before choosing a dog as a pet you should know about them, their lifestyle, and their way of living.

Guard Dogs That Are Also Wonderful Family Pets
Guard Dogs That Are Also Wonderful Family Pets

So, if you are planning to have a pet dog you should read the below article about guard dogs that are also wonderful family pets nominated by American Kennel Club. We have tried to cover every possible detail about the enlisted breeds so that the information can be beneficial for you. If you find the article helpful to you then do let us know.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd ranked first to serve this purpose, they are popular for their intelligence, courage, and obedience, so police and military used them for their work. The German Shepherd is muscular, large, and weighs between 60 – 90 pounds. They are highly trainable, if you are a first-time owner and have a big yard in your home then German Shepherd is the perfect choice for you.

German Shepherd
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They are very friendly, intelligent, loyal, and love to spend time with children. German Shepherd is very active so regular exercise and walking are a must for them.


Rottweilers are very popular among one of the scariest-looking guard dogs, they need proper training otherwise they can be very dangerous. Those who are having a yard around the home can be the perfect owner for the Rottweiler as they need regular roaming.

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Rottweiler is very loyal and loves to spend time with family and with proper training, they are perfect for children. Rottweiler is perfect for families as they can easily train. Rottweiler weighing 100-pound is good for those family who has children, always try to behave gently with them.


Newfoundland dog breed is good for those families having children. Newfoundland dog is also known as nanny dog as they are very good at protecting the family. They are very smart and can easily adopt the rules of the household, and they are also very caring, and loving nature. They are very protective but for their friendly nature, they cannot identify the enemy, but they are very possessive about their owner.

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If Newfoundland notices its owner is in danger they quickly switch to a protection mood. They are high-maintenance dogs, as they have long hair they shed twice a year. This dog breed is very good at swimming and saves many people from drowning.

Border Collie

Border Collie is gentle and has a size of about 30–55 pounds with medium size. Border Collie is a very popular dog breed as the guard dog. This dog breed is trained to protect sheep and herds, they are very intelligent and very easy to train. Border Collie is very friendly with family members, children as well as another dog in the house. This dog breed needs much attention so before owing them think before anyone around them so that they can remain engaged.

Border Collie
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Border Collie is a high-maintenance dog breed, as they are very active and need a lot of exercises daily. Border Collie is very smart but sometimes gets sensitive to your nature, so if you are experienced then only try to own Border Collie.


Boxer is regarded as a calm dog, they are perfect for families because of their appearance and gentle nature. They are known for the nature of all bark, no bite. Boxers are social dogs and are perfect for family pets. Before owning Boxer be sure that you can give attention to them otherwise they may feel lonely.

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Boxer also needs a lot of exercise, a long walk daily is good for them this also helps to make a good bond between the owner and the dog. Boxer needs three years to fully mature, this breed is also good with children.

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In the above article, we have shared every kind of information you should know before owning a guard dog as a pet. So, after reading the article we can say a dog can be of any size, and varied characteristics but before choosing a dog one must clarify his own needs. Hope you all have enjoyed reading about the guard dogs which are also wonderful family pets and got every information about the dog. Still, if you have any queries on this content, then comment to us below. Thank You!!!

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