Extinct Species of Monkey All Across The Globe

Monkeys and Apes are considered our closest living relatives. In this article, we will discuss the Extinct Species Of Monkey All Across The Globe.

Our ancestors i.e. the monkeys and apes are under serious threat of extinction due to the regular deforestation of the tropical woodlands and illegal wildlife poaching. Without our knowledge, many species are getting extinct day by day due to our wrong deeds. Here we have captured some of the extinct species of monkeys. Do you know who are they?

We should know the reason behind the extinction and try to minimize these issues or else we shall have a planet with only living creatures and that’s humans.

Here we want to discuss all the information about the “Extinct Species Of Monkey“. If you want to keep the dog as a pet then you are in the right place to know their habit. So keep reading below for details.

Following Are The Extinct Species of Monkey

We have nearly 200 tailed species all around us out of which monkeys are some of the oldest creatures of all time. They are considered the first evolutionary stage of humans. But, several species have vanished from the world.

Extinct Species of Monkey
Extinct Species of Monkey

Monkey is known as the oldest creature of the world with a variety of evolutionary trends but we are unable to keep them safe and give them a safe place on the earth to live. Due to daily deforestation leading to less place for their survival we are losing our history, our ancestors.

Ucayalipithecus Perdita

Ucayalipithecus Perdita is also known as the “lost monkey of Ucayali,” and also a member of the Parapithecidae family but its members did not found in America. But one of the interesting facts is that a fossil which is a pair of monkey teeth found in Peru with an age of 31.7 million described by an international team of researchers. One of the Egyptian living species Qatrania wing is also looks the same as the Perdita so it is said that the home of the Perdita is in Africa.

So, it creates a contradiction that though they look similar but how they can live so far i.e; from North America to South America which is separated by large stretches of 932-1,242 miles. From the research of Professor Erik Seiffert at the University of Southern California, it is noted from the evidence that the monkeys crossed the Atlantic Ocean more than one time.

Jamaican Monkey (Xenothrix mcgregori)

There was little information found about how Jamaican monkeys (Xenothrix mcgregori) became extinct, but, surely, these monkeys became extinct due to human action about hundred of years ago. Initially, nobody can tell about their origin or any other species which has a similarity with the Jamaican Monkey. But nowadays DNA can be extracted from fossils which helps to know about their origin.

Titi monkeys of South America which are seen on the island about 11 million years ago said Jamaican Monkey relatives. There is a lot of difference between old monkeys and new-day monkeys.

Hispaniola Monkey (Antillothrix bernensis)

Hispaniola Monkey (Antillothrix bernensis) was found on the island of Hispaniola. The time and reason for extinction remain unknown but it is connected with the European colonization after 1492. At first capuchin monkeys and Hispaniola, monkeys were found similar but later research found that the similarity is due to the convergent development. Hispaniola monkeys eat mainly fruits and leaves, so they can be termed tree-dweller.

Reason Behind The Extinction of Monkeys

Reason Behind The Extinction of Monkeys

Due to Human Interference

Human interference with animal habitats is increasing day by day. To meetup of their own needs, they started exploiting the animal world which plays adverse effects on human beings only.

Clearance of Tropical Forest

People started clearing tropical forests, so the habitat residing in that area is in great danger, it also affects the climate. About 20% of greenhouse gases increased in the environment. Cutting down trees leads to a direct effect on the species that depend on this ecosystem.

Illegal Selling of Monkey by Hunters

The degradation of tropical forests has increased the level of hunting. Hunters started selling monkeys to zoo animals for biochemical research or as exotic pets.

Selling of Body Parts

Hunters used to sell the body parts of monkeys for trading. Monkeys are used for meat, in folk magic, and in many other ways.

Unknown Dieses

Due to climatic changes, many new diseases are growing up, and their remedies are still unknown. Sometimes it also gets transmitted to people, which led to demises in people, monkeys as well as other animals.

Importance To Save The Monkeys

Importance To Save The Monkeys

Every animal is important in the ecosystem, and the extinction of one animal means an adverse effect on the ecosystem. The extinction of animals results in adverse effects on the food chain of the ecosystem. Therefore, extinction of monkeys will also affect the ecosystem after all its effects the human beings. So, It’s the prime responsibility of every human being to understand the adverse effect of extinction and try to protect every creature and their lifestyle.

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In the above article, we have shared every kind of information about extinct money, the reason for extinction, and how we can protect them. So, after reading this article we as well as you both concluded that every animal whether it is a monkey or another should be protected or else the remaining monkey will be extinct. Different rules and regulations are there for this, we all should abide that rules to protect our wildlife and also our mother earth. Thank You!!!!

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