10 Best Animals to Keep as Pets, Ranked by Pet Lovers

Almost everyone loves animals but does not have knowledge of which pet to keep at home. So, here are the Best Animals to keep as Pets.

People have different opinions about pets, some like small pets like Rabbits or Hamsters while others like big pets like Dogs and Cats. Keeping a pet is always beneficial for the household. Sometimes it might annoy you to keep your pets but they are always a great choice as they guard your house, relieve your anxiety and also make you a responsible person.

Choosing the right pet is always important so in this article, we will give information about some of the best animals to keep as pets.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the information about the “Best Animals to keep as Pets“. So, read all the information to clarify your questions. Hope this information helps you more clearly. Stay connected with Breath-Me for all updates and information.

List of Best Animals to Keep as Pets

Animals were always the king of the world; keeping them as a pet is one of the most rewarding, powerful, and exciting things you can do. But, sometimes keeping pets is difficult in our busy lifestyle. So, it is important to know which pets are the best and which pets can easily get habituated to your day-to-day lifestyle.

Best Animals to Keep as Pets
Best Animals to Keep as Pets

If you are thinking of owning a pet but are confused about which one to keep and what is their way of living you just need to read the below article which gives entire information about pets. So, here is a list of a few best animals to keep as pets. Also, let us know if the below information is helpful to you.

#1. Dogs

The dog is the first animal to get into people’s minds when they think of having a pet. The dog is regarded as the man’s best friend, they can sense all their master’s behavior. Dogs can be kept as a pet as they are very friendly towards children as well. They are very good for cuddling. Some dogs are considered watchdogs and used in many houses or for many investigational purposes.

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Whether it is a big or small dog they need maintenance like regular exercise, bathing, playing, etc. They are not able to be kept alone for long days because it creates a bad impact which leads to a destructive attitude from them.

#2. Cats

Cat is also one of the best animals to keep as pets as they don’t need much maintenance. They are the perfect pet for those who used to work for a long time outside of the house, as they can be kept alone for a long time. Some cats love to spend time with humans while some others don’t like that much affection.

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Cats are also good for children for their loving nature and they also don’t harm them. Depending on the situation you can select your pet.

#3. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are very charming and loving. They look very cute in their size. But when you choose the best animals to keep as pets then guinea pigs might not be in your mind. They are easy to handle as they are very friendly and very social but don’t need that much maintenance.

Guinea Pigs
Image Source: Pexels

It is better to keep two guinea pigs which means in pairs as it helps them to live better. Before you bring guinea pigs into your home, you should know how much they can interact with your family member.

#4. Rabbits

There are different varieties of rabbit species around the world with different colors and sizes also. Rabbit is a great pet for those who love cuddling, they need much maintenance if you want to handle them with comfort. They are very good for children but for that, you have to give a lesson to your children about how to take care of them.

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Before keeping a rabbit as a pet you should know that an odor used to come from them, so a good accommodation you have to provide to avoid that smell. You can keep the rabbit in the apartment also but they love to spend time outside the house.

#5. Rats

You are surprised by seeing the name of rats on the list as most people know that rats create harm to household materials. But they are spotless, love people, and are easy to train so they can be the best animals to keep as pets.

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Rats are very good for other rodents also as they don’t allow them to enter the house. They don’t need that much maintenance, so from today rats can be on your list.

#6. Fish

Fish is among the best animals to keep as pets as they are in many sizes, color, and shapes. Many people love to decorate aquariums with stones, green grass, or many other things according to their choice. In an aquarium, we can keep different types of fish at a time.

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They are low-maintenance pets, and most children love them because of their different colors. So if you love to fish it can be on your list.

#7. Hamsters

Hamster is one of the low-maintenance breeds, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need care. They can live more than 200 years. Hamsters are very popular among children. Hamsters come in different colors and many breeds with different traits.

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Cages for hamsters can be found in online and offline stores also. Small hamsters are very easy to train than a large hamsters. Hamsters can be one of the best animals to keep as pets.

#8. Birds

Birds are popular among warm-blooded vertebrates. They are found in many shapes with a variety of colors. Many birds can understand the human language they can be tamed very easily. Mainly birds live in trees but many live in water also. People love to enjoy the sound of the bird.

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Birds are low-maintenance breeds and are good companions for children. So, birds can be the best animals to keep as pets.

#9. Lizards

Lizard is one of the common pets in most people and small reptiles. They are cold-blooded reptiles having four legs and a long tail. Lizard is a low-maintenance pet and is found in many varieties.

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There are about 6000 species of lizard around the world. So if you want you can keep the lizard on your list.

#10. Snakes

Many people don’t like to keep a snake as a pet but snakes can be a good companion to keep as pets as they are clean, low maintenance, and don’t need much space. Snake needs a favorable temperature for accommodation.

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There are different snakes in many colors and sizes. All snakes are not harmful so if you want a snake to keep as a pet you can.


In the above article, we have shared every kind of information you should know before owning a pet. So, after reading the article we can say pets can be of any size, any color but before choosing a pet one must clarify his own needs. Hope you all have enjoyed reading about the best animals to keep as pets and got every information about pets. Still, if you have any queries on this content, then comment to us below. Thank You!!!

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